Shop Starter Standard

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Shop Starter Standard

National Automotive Lines is proud to offer items needed for stocking a new shop for business!

You've made all your business plans.  You've gotten your building and equipment ready to go.  But the task of stocking your perishable items is either undaunting or overlooked.  Let us do it for you!

  • The standard package will have many items that you need to begin business in your new shop.
  • Why wait until you need something before you have it on your shelf?  You're ready to start your customer's job and you are out of brake fluid?  Then a trip to the store to get it only to return and realize you lack another item.  Let us help you get started!
  • All items are replaceable at our normal inxpensive prices when depleted.
  • For a complete list of all items contained in this kit, see the "Buy Together" tab above.
  • You may also download a PDF document containing a list of the parts on the "Attachments" tab, above.
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This package ships for free!  The package contains items that we normally sell but is discounted 10% as a package.

Please allow 3-5 weeks for shipment.

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